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Graduate Say

"Big & Professional Facilities"


"Real Bar Training that gave me lots of confidence"


"Loved The Web Tutorial"


"Instructors Really Cared- Had Lots Of Experience"


" Seemed Like I Was Bartending In A Real Bar!"


"Great Job System - Real Interview Training"


"Easy To Get To & Safe Location"


"Professional Bartending School"


"Loved The Online Learning Support"


"I'll Recommend NEBS To Everyone"


"I Learned How To Work The Entire Job"

-Original Message  

From: Savage, Kathleen
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 4:28 PM
To: 'mike@bartenderschool.com'
Subject: Thank you!!!!

I met you at the Internship Club a few weeks ago.  I am a recent graduate from your Tewksbury school.  Ann Marie was my instructor and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the course and how much fun it was.  I am a registered nurse and decided this summer to do something fun and different so I called and signed up.  This has been a hoot!!!!!   The course really does prepare you after just a week to be an actual bartender.  The intern sessions at the Club were great.  Karen, Peggy and Ann Marie are all very supportive and give you the confidence you need to take that first step.  This past weekend I worked @ the PGA tournament in Norton, in the Stop and Shop tent on Monday and was able to perform quite well ( I was the only bartender in this tent).  As a matter of fact I did such a good job the manager from the State Street Bank next door stopped me on my out at the end of the day and said she watched me and wanted me to work for her next year.  I thanked her and told her this was my actual very first “job” as a bartender and she was surprised.  I told her were I went to school and how much I loved it.

It was a great day, I got $232 in tips, sore feet and very sore back but it was a wonder experience.

Thank you again to Anne Marie and Peggy for being so encouraging and patient.  I would highly recommend this school to anyone (young or even old like me).


Kathleen Savage


From: MKBLOMFIELD@aol.com

Subject: I got a job!!
Dear Mike,
I graduated NEBS bartending school April 28. I got a job 2 hours later at a local restaurant in my town, called Top of the Hill Bar & grill. I was interview and hired on the spot and I started working the next day! They trained me for 3 shifts that week and on my first weekend working I made $400!! Peggy was such a great teacher, I learned everything I needed to know from her and was well prepared for my new job! In fact, my new boss was so impressed with my skills, knowledge, and confidence he couldn't believe that I had never bartended before. I made back the money it cost me for school my first weekend and I had so much fun doing it. I want to thank New England Bartending School for getting me here and to Peggy, my awesome teacher for getting me here!!
-Krystin Blomfield
Date: 6/9/2008 10:13:23 AM
Subject: I got a job!!

Hey Mike,

So I graduated two weeks ago and been filling out applications on almost a daily basis. The class gave me such confidence and enthusiasm that I felt that I could get right into the work force and start working right away. Saturday night I had my first job, I was hired through the school to work at a real good place and also an engagement party. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first because it was both the person I was working with and my first times bartending. But once we got there we were totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the experience. Thanks for providing us with an instant opportunity to succeed in the bartending business.





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1. How old do I need to be to enroll and become a bartender? A:18
2. Is your bartending training all hands-on? A:80%
3. Do bartenders need to be certified? A: Yes most cities & Towns
4. Why is it so important to visit when comparing schools ? A: Seeing is believing
Do you guarantee your Professional Bartender's Program ? A: Money back guarantee

What is the minimum age requirement for bartenders ?

18 years old is the legal age to serve alcohol in Massachusetts.  The drinking age in most states is 21.

Is your bartending training hands-on?

80% Hands-on Training:  Our Professional Bartender's Program is approximately 80% hands-on behind a fully functional training bar with an instructor with years of experience.  Everything is real with the exception of the alcohol.  Our alcohol is simulated with color pigments for a real drink looking effect.

No Real Alcohol: It is illegal for a school to have on premises alcohol of any kind.  When it comes time to teach layered drinks, flamed drinks & pouring beer, short quality video clips are essential for explaining these subjects. 

Visual Equipment:  Every successful training program has visual aids & tutorials that follow and support the hands-on portion of the training to help people at all levels learn better.  That is why the NEBS Program includes a Tutorial Website

Training Web Site:  Our training web site has flash video clips that help students review lessons better than any bartenders manual, right from their computer

When you register here on-line, you'll ALSO GET immediate access to our on-line tutorial web site & where you can start learning our hands-on program right now!  The NEBS Program is in fact a hands-on course and the tutorials are only used for class preparation & review.  As a graduate, you'll be able to return to the school anytime for refresher classes & also see instructional videos on how to make the latest new drinks & learn about new products too!  You will see our up-dated program every time you log on to the tutorial web site!

Do bartenders need to be certified ?

Certification is mandatory in some states and in most cities and towns throughout the country.  Servers of alcohol need to be certified with an approved alcohol training program.  NEBS offers immediate in hand certification with the ServSafe Program for an additional $30.00. 

Why is it so important to visit before choosing a school ?

Visit To Compare Quality:

  1. Visiting the school is the only way to determine the quality & value of a everything that is included.  Request information on the instructors who will be teaching you during your program.

  2. Check business records by clicking the links below:

Massachusetts Department of Education

Secretary of the Commonwealth corporate division.

What are the advantages of enrolling in this Licensed Program?

Click this link and you'll see all the advantages of enrolling with our school system.  


We say Visit & Compare & stay away from on line courses.  Make sure the program is Licensed By The Mass Department of Education.  

On-line bartending course don't work and many are under investigation!


Do you guarantee your program ?

YES Our Professional Bartender's Program is 100% guaranteed through the first class and pro-rated after that time with a state approved refund policy. 

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