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Graduate Say

"Big & Professional Facilities"


"Real Bar Training that gave me lots of confidence"


"Loved The Web Tutorial"


"Instructors Really Cared- Had Lots Of Experience"


" Seemed Like I Was Bartending In A Real Bar!"


"Great Job System - Real Interview Training"


"Easy To Get To & Safe Location"


"Professional Bartending School"


"Loved The Online Learning Support"


"I'll Recommend NEBS To Everyone"


"I Learned How To Work The Entire Job"

-Original Message  

From: Savage, Kathleen
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 4:28 PM
To: 'mike@bartenderschool.com'
Subject: Thank you!!!!

I met you at the Internship Club a few weeks ago.  I am a recent graduate from your Tewksbury school.  Ann Marie was my instructor and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the course and how much fun it was.  I am a registered nurse and decided this summer to do something fun and different so I called and signed up.  This has been a hoot!!!!!   The course really does prepare you after just a week to be an actual bartender.  The intern sessions at the Club were great.  Karen, Peggy and Ann Marie are all very supportive and give you the confidence you need to take that first step.  This past weekend I worked @ the PGA tournament in Norton, in the Stop and Shop tent on Monday and was able to perform quite well ( I was the only bartender in this tent).  As a matter of fact I did such a good job the manager from the State Street Bank next door stopped me on my out at the end of the day and said she watched me and wanted me to work for her next year.  I thanked her and told her this was my actual very first “job” as a bartender and she was surprised.  I told her were I went to school and how much I loved it.

It was a great day, I got $232 in tips, sore feet and very sore back but it was a wonder experience.

Thank you again to Anne Marie and Peggy for being so encouraging and patient.  I would highly recommend this school to anyone (young or even old like me).


Kathleen Savage


From: MKBLOMFIELD@aol.com

Subject: I got a job!!
Dear Mike,
I graduated NEBS bartending school April 28. I got a job 2 hours later at a local restaurant in my town, called Top of the Hill Bar & grill. I was interview and hired on the spot and I started working the next day! They trained me for 3 shifts that week and on my first weekend working I made $400!! Peggy was such a great teacher, I learned everything I needed to know from her and was well prepared for my new job! In fact, my new boss was so impressed with my skills, knowledge, and confidence he couldn't believe that I had never bartended before. I made back the money it cost me for school my first weekend and I had so much fun doing it. I want to thank New England Bartending School for getting me here and to Peggy, my awesome teacher for getting me here!!
-Krystin Blomfield
Date: 6/9/2008 10:13:23 AM
Subject: I got a job!!

Hey Mike,

So I graduated two weeks ago and been filling out applications on almost a daily basis. The class gave me such confidence and enthusiasm that I felt that I could get right into the work force and start working right away. Saturday night I had my first job, I was hired through the school to work at a real good place and also an engagement party. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first because it was both the person I was working with and my first times bartending. But once we got there we were totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the experience. Thanks for providing us with an instant opportunity to succeed in the bartending business.





Certifications - Diploma & Letter Of Recommendation!

Register Online !

CNN News!

The worse the economy gets the more people drink!


See News Video!

This economy has triggered a bartending boom!


DIPLOMA: Licensed by The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts Department Of Education, New England Bartending School will issue you a Diploma denoting your achievement of completing

a state licensed approved program.



LETTER Of RECOMMENDATION: After successfully completing our school's licensed program,


we will issue you a letter from our school, explaining your training and job qualifications as well as your desire to hold positions in the beverage hospitality industry!

(See Video Program Presentation)




 We are pleased to announce that immediate ServSafe Certification can be done through our Web Tutorial!

National Certification: Responsible alcohol service is an issue that touches your business, your customers and your community. That's why the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) developed the ServSafe Alcohol Program to raise the bar in responsible alcohol service training and certification that is

mandatory in many states, cities and towns.


ServSafe Alcohol is today's real-world training solution, with practical knowledge and best-in-class resources that help to prepare and protect every operation every day.  Alcohol Certification is mandatory in most cities and towns and it is a prerequisite for your job search with New England Bartending Schools.


The goal of our licensed bartender's program is to make certain that our graduates have everything they need immediately after completing the program for their job search:  Diploma / National Alcohol Certification / Letter Of Recommendation / Job Leads / Drink List.


The ServSafe Alcohol Training is included & taught at the school (on premise) during each and every course.  After the training is complete, there is a one time $30.00 separate fee at the time of certification.  The fee is separate due to the fact that many students already have their certification card and others choose to take the test though our web tutorial to get their ID & certification on the spot.


You have the choice of taking the certification test at the school (on premise) or (on-line) through our web site.  Taking it on line has huge benefits.


(on premise) vs (on-line) Certification



(on-line) We recommend that students take ServSafe test (on-line) after completing the ServSafe Alcohol Training at the schoolIn the event that a student should fail this on line test, our school will pay for one make up test!  Student feedback for passing this test has been amazing especially after taking the ServSafe training at the school.  Some students have taken the test even before the course starts without any difficulties.  This method will give you your Certification ID in hand on the spot without a 2-3 week wait for physical processing time through mail.

  • On-line will provide an immediate pass / fail

  • Immediate Certification

  • Your Class Number & ID


(on premise Taking the test (on premise) will mean that your test will be FEDEX overnight mailed to the educational foundation and but could take up to 2-3 weeks for the Educational Foundation receive and process the results.  The student certification ID cards are then mail to us in which we then mail them to each student.  If the student fails the test it could take up to 2 weeks to find out that a retake is necessary and this may postpone the student's job search. 


Our school along with BBS of America have occasionally experienced some problems with the Educational Foundation mailing the ServSafe Certifications to the wrong address. 


A person is only certified when a student ID from the Educational Foundation is issued and the fastest and best way to get certified by taking the test on-line through our Program Web Tutorial.  It takes about 2 hours and can be done anytime, before, during or after your bartending course.  As mentioned above, we will pay for one retake if a student should not pass.  If you are not comfortable with going on line, we would be happy to accommodate you here at the school and we'll help make sure you get your certification in with you in a timely manner (on premise). 





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